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Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice Country : Pakistan
Tender Category: Industry - Minerals and Metals , Industry - Machinery , Information Technology (IT)
, Industry - Furniture , Healthcare and Medical
Description: Supply and Delivery of Office furniture, Hospital Furniture items, It equipment and Other Items
Action Deadline: 02 May 2014 Ref. no.: 21851618
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Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice Country : Senegal
Tender Category: Information Technology (IT) , Industry - Furniture
Description: Provide Computer Hardware and Office Furniture
Action Deadline: 14 May 2014 Ref. no.: 21828557
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Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice Country : Nigeria
Tender Category: Industry , Telecommunications , Industry - Automobiles
, Industry - Furniture , Information Technology (IT)
Description: Purchase of Utility Vehicles, Office Furniture and Office Fittings and other works
Action Deadline: 01 May 2014 Ref. no.: 21512536
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